Threat Intelligence Package:

  • Weekly Intelligence Reports- Each week your business will be supplied with a Threat Intelligence report that gives a breakdown of the latest Cyber Threats related to your company, it will give an analysis of what the malware does, what software it is targeting and provide you with recommended courses of action and Indicator’s of Compromise (IOCs) so that you will be aware if your company has already been infected.
  • Vulnerability Assessments- For a one time fee or on an on going basis we will conduct vulnerability assessments of your company and give you a report on the areas of the company that we find are the weakest aspects of your security program.

Legal Consultation:

  • The information security laws that govern your company  vary depending on a number of different factors such as location, industry, size and business operations. For our legal services, we provide consultation on the Information Security laws that your company needs to be compliant to.