Artifical Intelligence: Do robots pose a threat?

In the last few years we have seen movies like The Matrix and I robot, where robots with artificial intelligence that were originally docile and useful to humanity have turned against us and almost led humanity to extinction. The question becomes, is this purely fiction or do robot’s pose a legitimate threat? In computer science… Read More

Role of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Every year thousands of new malware and vulnerabilities are introduced into business environment. Companies need to stay abreast of all of this new information in order to be effective in implementing proactive security. In order to meet this need, a fairly new field in Cyber Security has evolved known as Cyber Threat Intelligence. The most… Read More

Top 5 Information Security Best Practices for a Small Business

Small businesses are an ideal target for hackers, they often are too small to have an established Information Security department, making them easy targets. The effects of a cyber-attack on a small business can be devastating; approximately 60% of small businesses that suffer from a cyber-attack go out of business within six months of that… Read More

What is Encryption?

What is Encryption? Encryption has existed for hundreds of years and is a means of securing communication between two different parties. Encryption works by substituting and rearranging letters in a message so that it cannot be understand via reading, only by using a specific key can the message be returned to normal and then read… Read More

What is a Hacker?

While the term “Hacker” is usually used with negative connotations, it’s actually a neutral term that refers to someone who is a skilled computer expert that uses their knowledge to overcome problems. However, in the news the word Hacker is usually used synonymously with the term “Black Hat Hacker” which is someone that uses their… Read More