ThreatTracer is a Cybersecurity company that protects its clients from the financial burdens of data breaches by offering proactive Cybersecurity Solutions:

Cyber Threat Intelligence: In order to anticipate and protect against cyberattacks you need to have knowledge on what types of attacks you are likely to see, our Cyber Threat Intelligence service will give you insight on the threats to your company and give recommendations that you’re company can follow to protect yourselves before a security incident takes place.

Cybersecurity Legal Consultation: We also offer cybersecurity consultation for your business on the best security practices to avoid being liable to lawsuits from customers, consumers and government agencies. Depending on your location, industry, size and business operations you have certain regulations that your company must follow when collecting and protecting customer information, we provide consultation to ensure that your company is fully compliant.

Why do people use ThreatTracer?

Tailored for your Business needs Our Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds will provide information on Cybersecurity Threats specific to your company and we provide on call analyst support to look into specific matters that may be concerning you! Our legal consultation will provide you with console on the information security laws that apply to your company.

Rich Information Database Our threat intelligence program consists of information gathered by several different intelligence groups that consists of hundreds of intelligence analysts and participating organizations across multiple countries to make sure that your company has the most up to date and reliable information available.

Flexible and Customizable packages Our Threat Intelligence and legal consultation services are completely independent of one another. Our consultation services can be purchased on an going basis or you can purchase a one time evaluation. Whether your business is more interested in our threat intelligence offerings or our legal consultation, we are open to making flexible packages that suit your companies business needs!

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Shimon Brathwaite (Founder)

A Cybersecurity professional that has worked in Cyber Threat Intelligence, Identity and Access Management and in IT Networking. I'm a cybersecurity freelance writer, blogger and a published author that writes for Business Expert Press, with two books on Cybersecurity: Intelligence-Driven Cybersecurity: Staying One Step Ahead and Cybersecurity Law: Protect Yourself and Your Customers, which will be released at the end of this summer.
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